Growing Gourmet Mushrooms Class


Learn to grow gourmet mushrooms! A Class with First Step Renew.
Do you love cooking with mushrooms? Have you thought about learning to grow them? Join Sean Gere in this hands-on class on Saturday, November 1 and learn how to grow gourmet mushrooms. Sean will provide logs for you to inoculate with mushroom spawn for starting oyster mushrooms or wine cap mushroom spawn for growing on wood chips.

Mushrooms are very good to eat and contain minerals and antioxidants. They grow well in shade, so if you have a shady yard or part of your yard, mushrooms are an excellent crop to grow. They also can be an important layer in your food forest.

For the class, bring along a cordless drill, a 5/16 and 7/16 inch drill bit, a stop, and hammer or small rubber mallet if you have them. Dress appropriately for the weather, as the class is outdoors.

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